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Our new exciting “DUAL CHIPSET HARDWARE” is able to send 900-1,200 SMS Per Hour. Utilizing one sim card.

  • Save thousands of Dollars $$$ with this unique Device.
  • Easy to use software, will have you sending SMS’s in no time.
  • Send Unlimited SMS’s for a fraction of the cost of Online broadcast services.
  • Full control, does not rely on an Internet Connection
  • Unlimited uses, including Marketing, Auto Reminder, Auto Reply, Notifications.\Used by Releaste Agents, Schools, Government Agencies, Business, Non for profit, etc.

Suitable for Marketing, Auto Reminder, Birthday Greeting, Scheduler, Auto Reply, Lucky Draw……and many more.

This system is NOT

  • Subscription based.
  • NOT Online Based.
  • NO Credit Purchase.
  • Simply insert any SIM CARD and you are on your way to sending thousands of SMS’s.

To use this system, you just need :

  • Hardware SMS Broadcast System
  • A SIM CARD (as low as $16 / month)
  • A PC (any Microsoft Windows including Windows 7 & Vista)


“The only thing that people carry to work, sleep and to the toilet is their mobile phone…DO YOU AGREE?….
SMS is one of the best ways to reach mass people DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY !….”

  • NOT Everybody Has Internet,
  • NOT Everybody Checks E-Mails,
  • NOT Everybody Opens Mail Boxes,
  • BUT Everybody Reads SMS….

Hardware SMS Broadcast System is one of the best SMS Broadcast system available in the market currently.
Used by marketers, schools, clinics, property & insurance agents, to churches, mosques and many other organizations…..
It is the only STANDARD in the market that can fulfill your needs.

It is breakthrough technology that will help you save many hours and resources in executing your marketing objectives.
It is not just an excellent tool to market your products but also an indispensable assistant in executing timely reminders and announcer so that no one is left out and nothing is missed.

Technology hitherto used only by Big Corporations is now available to all at a very affordable price.
Unlike many other companies that offer SMS services via their server or web-based, our system is TRULY independent.

We provide HARDWARE & SOFTWARE to let you do own SMS campaigns yourself.

How it works

Very simple. Our SYSTEM comprises of 2 Items:

Hardware (Modem)
The size of your Thumb, with USB connection (Power from USB). Just INSERT A SIM CARD into the hardware Dongle and plug it into your PC’s USB port.

That’s all!!!

It can be any kind of SIM card from any provider of unlimited SMS, as long as it is a GSM BAND (any frequency).


This is the “soul” of our system. Developed by a team of engineers from various countries, currently in its 3rd generation from it’s first development 8 years ago.

With numerous features such as

  • Auto Unsubscribe,
  • Personalise – eg. Dear <name> = Dear David
  • Auto Reply,
  • Auto Birthday,
  • Flash SMS,
  • Unicode, etc….

it’s the most complete solution for small and medium users.
Compatible with almost all Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. (sorry no Macintosh).

Dongle Details

With a size of just 9cm × 2.6cm × 1.33cm and weight of just 35g it’s the smallest dongle you can find on the market.

It is not only an SMS BROADCAST DONGLE, you can use this dongle also for INTERNET ACCESS…..

As long as your SIM CARD is 3G or GPRS capbable, you can multiuse our dongle also to connect to the INTERNET
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, HSDPA/UMTS 2100 MHz, HSDPA 7.2Mbps, UMTS DL/UL 384Kbps


UNLIMITED PLANS : You can send unlimited SMS with plans as low as $16/month

  • Do you want your system to be Independent and not reliant on an internet connection?
  • Do you trust your database with an online provider ?
  • Can you guarantee the online provider will actually send out all SMS ?
  • If you can DO IT YOURSELF, why should you depend on others…?
  • No Subscription Fee – No Credit System – Nothing…. Just One Time Investment
  • You do not have to pay us for the SMSes you sent. With our system, you simply insert your own SIM card into the Modem.
  • Start sending unlimited SMS’s for as little as $16/month
  • Keep Your Own Database (Database Security)
  • You don’t need to upload your database onto a server. The application is Desktop Based, installed on your PC, with the database stored entirely on your PC.
  • While many companies offering such services and charge you 6 to 10 cents per SMS, you can now SAVE almost ten times that amount using our system.
  • One Of The Fastest Sending / Broadcast System able to broadcast as fast as 1200 SMSes per hour.

Auto Un-Subscribe
With the new ANTI-SPAM law enacted in many countries, you will not break the law when using our system when broadcasting to ten of thousands of people.
The AUTO UN-SUBSCRIBE feature lets the recipient SMS back an unsubscribe code such as STOP and their contacts will moved to an unsubscribe list and removed from the main database.

Send Out “Personalised” SMS
You can “mail-merge” each recipient’s variable into SMS, example :

Powerful Scheduling, Repeating & Birthday System
SAVE TIME to remind or call them one by one, effective, fast and most important…automatic… Also, the auto Birthday Message sender and Create Repeating SMS will definitely save you tons of time and effort.

Powerful Auto Reply Functions
There are 3 Auto reply functions, which means the system is smart enough to reply back to all incoming SMSs Automatically.
You can use this system as Customer Service, Lucky Draw, Booking System, and many more.

Auto Registration/Subscribe Feature
Now you can ask anybody to register themselves into your address book. To do this they will simply SMS REG and their name to your sim card mobile number .i.e. “REG, MICHAEL”

The system is smart and will add their number and name into the address book and special group called REG. So you need not add them manually anymore….

Send Unicode Language Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, etc
You can send whatever language you want. And you can send long messages or concatenate message or truncated messages….the system is powerful and flexible.

Send FLASH SMS (Force People To Read And Auto Delete)
This is very new technology which now available. You can opt to send the SMS in FLASH mode. When the SMS reaches the recipient’s mobile phone, it will open the message straight away and display on the screen without going to their inbox. All modern Mobile phones support this feature. This is also known as an alert message.


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